Summer Academy

Summer Acadamy at IAAS

Research tells us that children who continue to learn through the summer months excel during the academic year. The IAAS summer program allows children to enjoy their vacation time while engaging their minds. We emphasize the importance of play by providing as much time outdoors as possible, as summer is the time for children to gain a deep appreciation for the environment. The children play in our enclosed playground, walk in Farrell's Woods next door, garden organically, and learn to care for themselves in the hot weather. Outdoor time is balanced with structure and activities such as swim and karate classes, and daily arts and crafts using both natural and imported materials from around the world to provide a rich and lasting experience.

"Broadway Kids"

Our final 2-week session in August is dedicated to 'Broadway Kids' where the children learn to dance, sing, produce and perform a Broadway musical with their friends under the direction of IAAS’ highly acclaimed music and dance teachers. We welcome children from ages 2.5 to 6 for the Japanese program; children ages 2.5 to 10 for the English program; and children ages 3 to 10 for the Broadway Kids program. Older children will be provided instruction on the gentle care and consideration of smaller children, in addition to participating in their own age-appropriate activities.

Individual and small-group instruction in ESL, math, reading and writing, dance and piano is available as requested in conjunction with the summer program.

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